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CLAVES for Teachers

The CLAVES curriculum is structured around text and writing cycles that are designed to address big ideas about important and sometimes controversial topics. Throughout the course of a text or writing cycle, students are challenged to consider their stance on the cycle or unit topic. Each unit is comprised of two 7-day, text-based lesson cycles, and one 3-day writing cycle. See below for an overview of the unit structure.

If you are an implementing teacher, use the drop down menu above to select lesson plans and assessment options, or click here for Assessment information, and here for Lesson Plans and Materials.

7-day text cycle (2 text cycles per unit)

Days 1&2

Reading & Embedded Language Work (Vocabulary)

Days 3-5

Reading & Embedded Language Work (Morphology/Syntax)

Day 6

Catch-up Day and Extension Activities

Day 7

Small group discussion

3-day writing cycle (1 per unit)

Day 1


Day 2

Drafting and Revising

Day 3


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