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CLAVES Projects

With a 5-year IES grant (2020 - 2025), Rebecca Silverman (PI), Patrick Proctor (co-PI) and Jeffrey Harring (co-PI) will test the efficacy of the CLAVES Curriculum in school districts in the Bay Area. This work not only asks the confirmatory questions about whether CLAVES is an effective instructional approach at scale, we are also focusing in on multilingual teacher education, asking questions about teachers' attitudes toward language, race, and culture, and how sustained professional learning contexts, with CLAVES as the foundation, may lead to changes in those beliefs and attitudes with implications for instructional practice. 

With 4 years of funding from the Institute of Education SciencesMichael Kieffer (PI), Elise Cappella (co-I) and Patrick Proctor (co-PI) are teaming up to explore the effects of grouping on literacy and social outcomes for 4th and 5th grade multilingual students. Specifically, we are interested in understanding whether small-group instruction is more effective for homogenous groups of multilingual learners, or for heterogeneous mixed groups of multilingual learners and their monolingual peers. Using the CLAVES curriculum as a standard of instructional care, we will investigate whether specific literacy outcomes differ as a function of group assignment. From a social interaction perspective, we will use social network analyses to explore the social ties that students develop with their peers and whether group participation is associated with the nature and types of social ties that students form with one another. 

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