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Multimodal Texts and Scaffolds
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In CLAVES, texts have been chosen based on the unit themes, degrees of representation, and interest to students. The lesson plans are multimodal in that they bring together both static and video texts, as well as web-based activities that allow students to manipulate, or “tinker with”, language. CLAVES texts are also selected because of their rich language use and the potential to stimulate critical conversations about language and the big idea. Each text cycle contains a static anchor text, along with additional video texts that provide supplementary information about the cycle topic. Additionally, gamification of vocabulary, morphology, and syntax takes place in online environments where students can manipulate words, word parts, clauses, and sentences to generate understandings about language and how it works. Finally, for writing, students can work as a whole small group, in pairs, or individually, and choose from a range of structured graphic organizers that support awareness of the structural and linguistic features of spoken and written argumentation. 

CLAVES instruction includes

  • Understanding that “text” is not just words on paper, it is digital, visual, aural, and physical

  • Scaffolds that are provided but not required. That is, students "pull" the support, rather than have it "pushed" on them

  • Gaming activities with language parts and functions to make morphology and syntax more engaging

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