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CLAVES Instructional Principles

CLAVES is a language-based literacy curriculum designed to expand language acquisition, use, and development through meaningful engagement with text. In order to do this, our lessons are designed around 4 principles that help guide instruction in a way that centers language and multilingual learners. Click on the icons below to learn more about each principle. Or, read more about the principles and how they came to define the CLAVES instructional approach here

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Metalinguistic Awareness

Students reflect on how they analyze semantics, syntax, and morphology during reading.

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Dialogic Teaching

Students' inquiry and discussion is central to their learning. They comprehend texts and develop arguments collaboratively.

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Students read, write, and speak across a breadth of texts, including: news articles, videos, picture books, games, role-plays, and more.

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Students use their full linguistic repertoires to make meaning, share thinking, compare languages, and offer new insights into the unit content.

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